Energy Secretariat

The Energy Secretariat is responsible for the development, coordination and delivery of Nunavut’s energy strategy to address our dependence on imported fuels. In this respect, the secretariat monitors energy-related issues, develops and delivers energy-related programs and services while coordinating action on energy decisions. The Energy Secretariat is the intergovernmental lead on Federal-Territorial-Provincial energy policy discussions.

The Energy Secretariat is also responsible for energy and climate change mitigation awareness work. This work is aimed at increasing adoption of energy conservation practices, reducing energy waste, improving understanding of energy use, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The goal is to foster a “conservation ethic” among Nunavummiut that builds on traditional IQ principles and leads to measurable reductions in Nunavut’s energy consumption, energy costs, and Nunavut’s continued reliance on fossil fuels.

Energy Tips

Consider installing an ENERGY STAR® furnace or boiler.


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